IT Software Updates Give Local Pharmacy Edge in Medicinally Focused Pharmacy.

GLENDALE, NY -- QUEENS COUNTY -- June 1, 2015, 01:01PM

RX PLUS PHARMACY of Glendale, NY, since 2006 has become a well renowned pharmacy operating in the dermatology community as a specialty pharmacy that provides VIP and White Glove Delivery Service to its customers to better service the physician groups, manufacturers of new and high-end branded medications as well as sales representatives looking to improve patient services and experiences. Since our inception, we have tirelessly delivered our end patient service with diligence, care and managed services as the forefront of our brand and business. Over the evolution of our business, business size and growth rate, we have experienced the need and demand from our serviceable markets to upgrade not only our company infrastructure, but also the technology, location and communication channels in which our brand and organization operates from in order to service the broader reaching community that we have embraced. Needless to say, we have recently upgraded some IT software and hardware systems that have created "data pockets" as reported to us by our industries leading reporting data agencies as well as some major brand medications' manufacturers that we work with closely. It's important to disclose these changes as reported so that we may reciprocate with a tactical plan to avoid, relieve, and alleviate any concerns in the marketplace circulating of any improprieties that Rx Plus is not reporting prescription data. To the best of our organization's knowledge this has not changed. However, when converting IT Software systems data pockets are common as reported to us by our IT Software Partner McKesson.

This is the first time as an organization we have heard of a data pocket existing due to a software conversion. We are working toward understanding the impact of data pockets and look forward to diligently resolving any missing data issues with wholesale and prescription fulfillment reports that are triangulated in order to suffice as satisfactory documentation as to the data our firm produced in QTR 4 of 2014 and QTR 1 of 2015. We are being informed that partial data is still being seen on the reporting side, and we are systematically supporting any co-venture partner team with reports to adjunct the data being transmitted. As of March 2015, we are more familiar with the issue at hand, and can comfortably disclose to the community at large that with the help of our partner firm McKesson, we have a better grasp and understanding of the reporting issues effecting the data being seen by our co-venture partners.

With that said, we have built a very strong reputation and relationship with many representatives, patients and dermatology offices in the dermatology sector, and our customer service has excelled during this time period. Our goal is to continue to become overly proficient in patient care as well as working with those who refer and/or suggest us to do the same for their immediate spheres of influence. We would like to settle any and all concerns you or your team may have in order to move forward. We support the people who support RX Plus Pharmacy and will continue to do so responsibly and professionally.

If you have any concerns please feel free to reach out to us at our Executive Offices in order to retrieve and answer any questions or updates as needed. Thank you for your long standing support and we look forward to continuously producing an improved and high level service for our community network.

Company Information: NYC Metro's Leading Dermatology And Chronic Condition Pharmacy. Since 2006, RX Plus Pharmacy Solutions has been a full-service pharmacy and a preferred prescription-filling partner of the most prestigious physicians in New York City and the Greater Metropolitan Area. For medical offices looking for the personal relationship you get at the corner drugstore with the speedy turnaround time of a name pharmacy retailer, RX Plus Pharmacy Solutions is the right choice for you. We have white glove delivery service and a department of well-staffed employees that work with every drug rep in the NYC region and beyond.

Contact Information: Samuel Maldonado, CFO / Louise Gatti, CEO -- RX Plus Pharmacy t: (718) 456-0100 X5002 f: (718) 456-0300, 71-30 Myrtle Ave, Glendale, NY 11385