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Best patient outcomes stem from a well formed relationship between healthcare providers and their patients, working together towards the goal of optimum health. Each member of the team, Patient, Doctor and Pharmacist, has a distinct role to ensure best therapy outcomes. You, the patient play a big part on this team! Below are some important questions you can ask your pharmacist to ensure you are getting the best possible care.

Your Insurance Card: What you Need to Know

In order to properly process your prescription, we need some very important information from you. Our customer care team will work together with you to gather the information we need. Please have your prescription card available. Oftentimes, patients will have a medical and prescription card from their insurance and we will need the codes from the prescription card which differ. The customer care representative will need the BIN number, PCN number, RX group number and your identification number. They may also ask for the relationship code. There are many insurance companies and all the insurance cards look different but they will always have those pieces of information. If the card doesn’t, it’s most likely not the prescription coverage card.

You can easily submit your insurance information directly to us by signing up with Klara. On Klara you will have direct access to our team and submit your demographics, insurance, prescription information and stay up to date with the status of your prescription.

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