Committing to Your Medications

It’s all about medication adherence at Rx Plus Pharmacy. We understand that maintaining a medication regimen is not easy but with the right support and education, medication adherence can be achieved. Good health and beautiful skin require commitment. When pharmacists, physicians and patients work together, the best therapy outcomes will be achieved.

In healthcare, the most commonly used definition of adherence is “patient’s behaviors (taking medication, applying topical medications, following lifestyle modifications) coinciding with healthcare providers’ recommendations for health and medical advice”. Therapeutic non-adherence occurs when an individual’s health-seeking or maintenance behavior lack harmony with the recommendations as prescribed by a healthcare provider. Adherence is the ability and willingness to abide by a prescribed therapeutic regimen. And this adherence is the most important factor linking clinical practice and patient outcome. Non-adherence is directly associated with poor treatment outcomes in patients. It is said that if nonadherence were a disease, it would be an epidemic.

In one landmark study, it was shown that more than 50% of prescription drugs are not taken as directed. This statistic, along with other factors result in an estimated total of increased direct and indirect costs of $290 billion per year in avoidable medical spending and lost work productivity. This is a huge number that can be reduced when patients, prescribers and pharmacists are invested in medication therapy.


There are many factors that lead to non-adherence, including:

  • A negative attitude towards therapy
  • A poor patient-prescriber-pharmacist relationship
  • Poor communication with healthcare providers due to low health literacy or low patient knowledge
  • Forgetfulness
  • Therapy-related factors identified include: route of administration, treatment complexity, duration of treatment, medication side effects, degree of behavioral change required, taste of medication and requirement for drug storage
  • Time commitment
  • Cost of therapy

The goal of the Rx Plus Pharmacist is to dispense the most clinically effective medication at the most cost effective price with the most patient education and support as possible to facilitate and ensure patient adherence.

Tips from your Rx Plus Pharmacists

  • Learn about your medications. Your pharmacists are medication experts and can answer all your questions.
  • Make a pledge to adhere to your medications.
  • Create a calendar or schedule
  • Set up reminders
  • Plan ahead for refills. Rx Plus Pharmacy can help you remember to take get your refills consistently .
  • Talk to your Pharmacist! Even if you can’t come in and meet your pharmacist, we are only a call away.
  • Actively manage any side effects by taking the wonderful suggestions for adjunctive OTC therapies to amplify your prescriptions.
  • Keep follow-up appointments! See your prescriber proud that you followed your therapy. Be sure to give your favorite pharmacist a follow up call and let them know how you’re doing!

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