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Our Mission

Rx Plus Pharmacy's mission is personal, patient care focused on patient education and optimal therapies at the most affordable costs for our patients. Our goal is to maintain a family-style approach to creating an environment conducive to optimal staff and patient interaction, as well as a learning environment for continued staff growth.

Our History

Rx Plus is a family owned pharmacy established in 2006. Our doors opened to the community of Glendale where we provided a personalized and family style approach to pharmacy. We slowly built a following of patients who trusted in our personalized care and individualized medication deliverance. We dedicated ourselves to providing patients with the medication education and counseling they needed as well as the personal touch they were not receiving elsewhere.

Our clinical team as well as our retail teams forged lasting relationships with patients we continue to have to this day. In 2012, we began our dermatology focused division that brought this same attention to patient care to a greater scope of patients in the region. Our goal was to provide that family pharmacy feeling to patients whether they walked in our door or whether we were delivering their medication. Here we are in 2016 with an amazing following of patients in the northeast region who look to our pharmacists and staff for an amazing pharmaceutical experience.

We are very proud of the growth we have made as well as looking forward to the growth we project in the future. We have been blessed with an excellent team who all share in our fundamental ethics, goals, and desires to provide the patient with the medications they need, along with the personal care and attention they deserve.

Our Staff

Our top notch pharmacist and technicians are always available to answer your questions, help with your prescription and get you the best medical care possible. Scroll down to meet the team!

  • Louise Gatti, Pharmacy Owner

  • Elisa R. Valenti, Pharm.D Director of Pharmacy

  • Eric Preza, Director of Sales

  • Samuel Maldonado, Chief Financial Officer

  • Christina Fiorello, Pharm.D

  • Brian Foss, Pharm.D

  • Samantha Lanigan, Pharm.D


Our Ethics

The code of conduct represents a commitment to conduct moral and ethical business practices at all times. Even at our busiest, we won't neglect our business culture as an independent family pharmacy. Our Priority is patient care. With an expanding business, this will continue to be our basic culture and business model. Remaining humble and mindful is our goal.

Independent pharmacy is a beautiful jewel in the healthcare framework. Trust, honesty, integrity and reputation signify the foundations of our success.

Pharmacists and ancillary pharmacy personnel are the first and last healthcare professionals to interact with the patient. With this honor, our main goal is patient care and trust building. We dedicate our lives to the practice of patient care. It is on the forefront of our mind with all the actions we execute. Our focus is medicine, therapeutics, patient care, patient counseling, patient service and the avoidance of medication error. Staying mindful these basic truths propel Rx Plus Pharmacy. The company is supported by a strong team.

Upon taking our oaths as Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians, Pharmacy Assistants and Patient Care Representatives, Medical Assistants, drivers, interns, students and auxiliary personnel, we've committed to adhering to compliance regulations set forth by our code of conduct, health ethics guidelines and government funded and commercial prescription benefit plans.

The Rx Plus Pharmacy family is hand selected to undergo vigorous training in order to advance our team. Our team is held to high expectations to act in an ethical and compliant manner. We are committed to detecting, preventing, reporting and correcting fraudulent, wasteful and abusive actions.

Rx Plus Pharmacy hires and retains employees within OIG or GSA standards. Employees are encouraged to report compliance breaches to the Compliance Officer. Disciplinary consequences for failure to comply with the Code of Conduct include oral and written warnings, reprimands, suspensions, terminations and financial penalties.

Read the Oath of Commitment for the Pharmacy Technician

Our Executive Staff

Louise Gatti

As an industry veteran Louise Gatti, CEO of Rx Plus LLC represents a true pioneer in the pharmacy industry.  Over her business career she has been a principal investor, partner and community leader in several businesses throughout many neighborhoods in NYC spanning over 3 decades.  

Elisa Valenti, Pharm.D

Dr. Elisa R. Valenti is the Director of Pharmacy, Regulatory Specialist and Compliance Officer for Rx Plus Pharmacy. Dr. Valenti has served our local community since 2006 and has over 19 years of pharmacy experience, including her studies at St. John's University, where she is currently an adjunct professor of clinical pharmacy practice. She is also a proctor for the NYS Board Exam and has delivered speeches at many pharmacy consortiums. Ethics and patient care are her number one priority and under her direction, Rx Plus Pharmacy remains a true leader in pharmaceutical care.

Eric Preza

Eric Preza is the Director of Sales at Rx Plus Pharmacy.  Under his tenure, Mr. Preza has broadened and revolutionized our dermatology division into the state in which it is recognized today; a prominent organization in the Northeast Regional Dermatology Pharmaceutical Markets.

Samuel Maldonado

As the CFO for Rx Plus Pharmacy, Samuel Maldonado has taken on all the accounting and financial functions, quickly spearheading capital raising efforts that boosted the firm’s line of revolving credit significantly in support of a broader market with tremendous projected growth.

Our Pharmacists

Brian Foss, PharmD.

  • Staff Pharmacist
  • Certified Immunizer
  • Patient Care Advocate

Samantha Lanigan, PharmD.

  • Staff Pharmacist
  • Certified Immunizer
  • Patient Care Advocate

Christina Fiorello, PharmD.

  • Pharmacy Manager
  • Certified Immunizer
  • Patient Care Advocate

Our Staff




The Rx Plus Funnies

Rx Plus Pharmacy celebrated their 10-year anniversary milestone in 2016. Rx Plus Pharmacy stands out in healthcare due to the reputation we have built over the past decade. We opened our doors to the community with a simple vision: to establish a great place where patients and employees want to be and we wanted to build an environment that was conducive to learning and providing care that felt like family. We started by filling one prescription per night and now we serve thousands of patients, so you might say we achieved our vision! Our patients have grown with us and entrusted in our core values and patient care. Our pharmacy family is made up of employees who have developed with us and make up the backbone of our work ethic, many of whom have been with us since day one. They have been our students or our family and friends. Everyone selected to come aboard shares the same goals and visions for the future of Rx Plus Pharmacy. If you build a great experience for your customers and employees, they will share that experience with their loved ones. Word of mouth is a powerful tool and is one of the keys to our success and longevity. When you consistently do good work and look out for the best interest of your patients, good will come back to you in return. We look forward to many more celebrations and many more years serving the region with the utmost in pharmaceutical care.


Hello nice people...Today I received my prescription delivered to my home as promised. What really made me take the time to send this email was the package presentation that the prescription came in, and the hand written note and a little gift. Wow I am really, really speechless. This is really super service. Thanks so, so much. - Giuseppe Bonanno, Staten Island, NY - 10/4/16

Rx Plus has the best customer service. Unlike larger chain pharmacies, the team takes the initiative to search for coupons/promotions to lower prescription prices. It feels like they truly care about their customers and want to help keep the cost down on Rx prices. I also adore the personalized touch Rx Plus puts on each and every prescription they send out. I really look forward to the little treats and handwritten notes--so charming :) - S.B on Yelp from Manhattan, NY - 10/2/2016

My dermatologist introduced me to RxPlus Pharmacy. As I manage multiple health conditions, I receive medication from several pharmacies such as local, mail order, compounding, specialty and infusion capable pharmacies. I am also a nurse for 40 years, so I understand how important it is to receive personalized care even from a large company. Rx Plus has provided a level of care every month over the last few years, that I have not witnessed from any other pharmacy. From the moment they made first contact with me, until the medication was delivered, every step was noteworthy. Their customer service people are polite and well prepared or able to refer so that all questions are answered. I have never had to leave a message as they always pick up the phone. I have never waited on hold for more than a few minutes. Their pharmacy staff is accessible, intelligent and self motivated to follow through on all details of the transaction. This includes calling me to report status updates. Their delivery team is mindful of the customers preferences. The gentleman that delivers calls ahead informing of his arrival and if you are present, you will receive a big smile and friendly pleasantries. And if that wasn't enough, the medication comes in a lovely bag with beautiful foiled paper and one or several gifts inside! If the gift doesn't work for me, there are plenty others that enjoy the gift. Best of all, there is a personal note attached to the medication thanking me for using them, stating that it was a please to serve and encouragement to call with any questions or concerns. Now that is an outstanding business model!!!! - Shoshannah Z. 3/7/18

Dear Elisa Valenti, I just wanted to send a warm thank you to yourself and Rx Plus Pharmacy for the quality service I received when ordering my prescription and the small gift package consisting of an Eos lip balm, Nutella and Brookside chocolates, along with the hand written note wishing me well on my studies here at UConn. I was thoroughly surprised to find these items in my shipped package and am so thankful. Thank you for your outstanding service. Sincerely, Ashley M. Hine, Physiology and Neurobiology, University of Connecticut Honors Program, Class of 2017 - 9/27/15

RX Plus Pharmacy is an amazing place. People are so caring and wonderful. Always take the time to answer a question or just say hello.
--Cathleen Hock, Feb 8 2017

“If there were 10 stars I give them all. RX Plus is a game changer, I am most pleasantly surprised, dare I admit? Yes, impressed beyond. I was told by my pharmacy my insurance didn't cover my dermatology medication and it would cost me $150 out of pocket. l called my Dermatologist, Dr. Sharon Watkins, (also wonderful,) asking for another over the counter suggestion. She called RX Plus then me to say they can help. Andrew helped me get exactly what I needed and then some for a co-pay of only $10! The script was personally delivered to my house in less than a week including holiday in a lovely gift bag and extra nice goodies! Here is where the ordinary is extraordinary, they do what most businesses can do but don't. Common sense plus: Deliver as promised, treat people as they feel your appreciation for their business and give a little extra unexpected token or go the extra mile. The best form of advertisement is referral and obviously I am not the only one who is blown away by their service model as the other reviews are just as pleased. I wish I could get all my scripts from RX Plus. I called say thank you and express how much I was grateful for this over the top service and had the opportunity to speak with Elisa, the Director, creator and teacher of RX Plus Pharmacy. Wow, she has created the best pharmacy I've ever been to or heard of, Bravo! --Kaye, Feb 17, 2016

"What a beautiful way to deliver Rx to those in need. It is obvious the extra time and care you put into your packaging and delivery. You bring the words of the song to life... "This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine!" I'm sure I speak for all of your customers when I say that your unique style brings out the sunshine in all of us. I hope this note puts a smile on your face. You all deserve it. May God continue to bless the work of your hands. Sincerely, Stephanie Jackson"

"WOW! PHENOMENAL service!!! From the pharmacist to Andrew to the delivery man. Thank you so much for being so patient, understanding and answering all of my questions. I've never had a more pleasant experience with a pharmacy. They even offered to deliver my medication to my job!" 11/12/15 Julia K.

THIS PLACE IS THE PHARMACY OF DREAMS!!!!! When my doctor recommended that I get my RX filled through this service I was wary- I predicted that having my RX go through so many hands would end in chaos, boy was I wrong. I never once had to even reach out to check on the status of anything. They called me to let me know that they were working on my RX- They scoured the internet and applied coupons from the drug companies that I would never have known about and applied them to my total to reduce costs for me. When two of my RX's were not covered by my insurance, they worked with my doctor and insurance to get them approved and got the cost down from $800.00 and $1000.00 to $35.00 and $0.00 - I have never had a pharmacist work so hard to help me do that. Usually I just get a "not my problem- work it out yourself" attitude- not here at all. Mishela called me and talked me through everything, even worked with me to get my RX's delivered a day earlier than anticipated so that I could have them before I went out of town. When I got all my RX's they were delivered gift wrapped with a hand written note from Mishela who included Jelly Beans, and a facemask (which is really thoughtful considering all of my RX's are for my face!). I often find myself frustrated with the Healthcare industry in general, between doctors, insurance, drug companies- as a patient you often feel like you don't have a lot of control and no one really care's how you feel as a person- Mishela and RX Plus Pharmacy went wayyy out of their way to make me feel like I was cared for. I can't recommend this service highly enough. -- Sarah Stepahin March 21, 2017

I've had 2 prescriptions delivered so far and I have nothing but great things to say !! The gift, the presentation, and the handwritten thank you note. .....Love it!! Thank You! --Jennifer Lopez March 16, 2017

Elisa, It is wonderful you are full service. For some reason I had the impression you were specialist for Dermatology. Then I read a comment on Yelp after I wrote my review and realized you are full service. As a recent Ostomy patient I extra thank you for the Vanilla Cream freshener. The good news for me is the first time in 13 years I am drug free! Should the need arise for my family to need prescriptions you can count on it, we will call you. Best, Kaye - Feb 17 2016

Por este medio quiero agradecerle a la Sra Omayra quien me atendio via telefonica el pasado viernes 17 de Marzo solicitando un medicamento...... quiero decir que es la primera vez que comunico con RXPlus Farmacy y fue muy grato para mi que la Sra Omayra me atendiera en Espanol ya que habian respondido siempre en ingles y la verdad no soy muy fluente en este idioma pero con la ayuda de ella y su buena disposicion de ayudarme logre poder hacer que mi medicamento lo recibiera sin contratiempos les quedo muy agradecidos y sera hasta una proxima oportunidad Luis Martinez 3/23/17

Hi Rx Pharmacy Plus, My name is Sarah Held and I just received my prescription through your pharmacy! I left a message at the delivery department, but I figured I would email you as well regarding my appreciation for your services! I really enjoyed the personal note in the package as well as the extra gift bag. It was very thoughtful and I am very pleased with the quick and caring delivery. Thanks again, Sarah Held Aug 15 2016

I wanted to let you know I just received my two meds that my dermatologist called in. I have never in my life had such amazing pharmacy experience! You really cater to your customers' needs. Thank you for getting these delivered to me and making it so easy! I'm sorry I was caught up in a meeting yesterday when the first delivery as attempted, but it all worked out today. Now that I've found you guys, I'll have all my Rx needs called in to your pharmacy. And thank you for the added extra touch to this order - the lip balm and the chocolates:-) You have just added a loyal customer to your clientele. Have a great day! --Roohana Sep 1 2015

Elisa, Just wanted to shoot a quick note to say THANK YOU - this was my first time using RxPlus to fill my dermatology prescription and the whole process was seamless - I got my prescription delivered to my office today during the time they said they would deliver, and everybody was extremely nice and personable in helping me out through the process! Karissa's handwritten note on my prescription bag was also a nice touch. Thanks again - happy holidays! --Lena 12/18/15

"If I could give these people 10 stars I would.  When you have a prescription you just ring them and they bring it to your front door. It is truly phenomenal. Everyone put their number on speed dial! The people are so kind and I intend to use their service as much as possible. Spread the word. Rx Plus!!!" 12/25/2015 Anita. S

Merritt expressed her love for Rx Plus via voicemail and told us that every phone call she has had with us has been a pleasant one. She explained how our staff is always super friendly. Merritt signed up for the News Letter and agreed to complete the survey monkey via email. -- Merritt Stewart, March 28, 2017

Via Voicemail- Allison left a voicemail thanking Andrew for her delivery and for the handwritten note. She said that it was very sweet and that if she has any further questions that she would give us a call. --Allison Dhoray- March 20, 2017

"Dear Monica, I received my prescription on Friday, along with wonderful goodies you gave me. I just wanted to thank you for your generosity and kindness. I’ve never experience such incredibly thoughtful treatment from a pharmacy. I hope that you and everyone at Rx Plus Pharmacy have a happy and safe holiday. Sincerely, Trinity." Trinity sent a handwritten card in December 2015

"LUCY! Thank you so much for trying to schedule my delivery around all the chaos of street closures due to the Pope's visit. You were very diligent and tried your hardest to deliver which you worked out amazingly! Not once did you sound frustrated.  It was a pleasure speaking with you as well! Thanks again!! Also to the person who delivered my medication, thank you!!! :)" Annika W. 9/24/15

"My experience was nothing but pleasant and professional. Karissa, whom I spoke with over the phone, followed up with my dermatologist about whether or not there was an alternative to the prescribed skin cream that had an extremely high co-pay. She was courteous, friendly, and proactive! Even without the goodies this would be a 5-star review. I will most definitely be sending the rest of my prescription needs here and telling all of my friends and family about Rx Plus Pharmacy!" Lena R. 12/15/18

"My experience with Rx plus pharmacy has been extremely amazing. I was shocked that they not only delivered my medication free of charge but it was packaged so beautifully. I had so many questions and concerns regarding my medication but they answered every single question/concern that I had." Melissa Clark, March 2016

Dear Rx Plus Pharmacy, Thank you very much for your good service. I have got my Epiduo gel today and really appreciate your delivery personnel tried to call me and see how I like my package to be placed. Also, thanks for your sunscreen as a sample. I’m not sure if this thank you note is enough to express my appreciation to your help. – H. Wei Peng

Thank you, thank you! What a pleasant surprise to enjoy a conversation with a pharmacy representative about pimple cream! Evelyn went over and beyond with the Eos (my daughter wants to use Rx Plus too!) My chin pimple will be treated so special! Thank you! -Heather S.

To my Rx Plus family, words cannot explain how thankful I am to have had the opportunity to be a student, worker and family member here. I have never met such a caring group of people who work together and can be there for each other. I have learned so much nu working with the kindest people. I’ve learned that those who work hard with loving hearts are truly the happiest workers. I’ve learned the true of being compassionate with other and the importance of putting others before myself. I really know that I am blessed because I had the experience to be able to work under such great people. I will always be grateful with all you’ve done for me. Like we’ve discussed before, may this be only a temporary good bye because I believe family can never be torn apart. I love you all so much and God bless you. Rachel. J

Dear Janice, thank you for all the work you with my insurance company in order to get my daughters prescription covered. Since the recent changed in health care insurance, it has been next to impossible to actually fill the prescriptions that our doctors prescribe. It is only though the persistence of professionals like yourself that the insurance companies approve what the doctor prescribe. I can’t thank you enough. You are the answer to a prayer and Rx Plus Pharmacy should be proud to have such a conscientious and professional employee as yourself. Sincerely, Joanna H.

Dear Rx Plus, I just wanted to say thank you to all the wonderful staff at Rx Plus. I walk 3 miles to Rx Plus whenever my son or I need a prescription, mainly for the wonderful customer service provided by all the wonderful staff including cashiers, pharmacists and technicians. We stop by for family fun activities such as pictures with Santa and the Easter Bunny. My family and I support local business and we THANK YOU so much for your hard work!!! Maureen R.

Dear Dr. Valenti, Thank you so much for all your help and guidance this past month. The first day I was so nervous to weight out medication, but you helped me feel comfortable and reassuring me of my skills. I really loved your site and will definitely take everything I’ve learned and apply it to pharmacy and my life as well. This was such a wonderful rotations and I will always speak highly of it. Everyone was so welcoming and I will forever appreciate it. Thank you! Shivani K.

Dear Monica, your gift packaging and treats really made me feel special and they impressed all my neighbors too. Thanks again. -Susan G.

Elisa, “Never underestimate the impact a single act of kindness can have on another person.” You are a very kind and compassionate person. Thank you for answering my health questions the other day. -Susan H.

Hi All and Dr. Elisa V. Thank you for your excellent service and warmth. -Dr. Rosemary J.

To Janice @ Rx Plus. Thank you so much for working with me to get my prescription at such a great price. It’s so hard to find a pharmacy who will accept those prescription coupons. Then on tip I get awarded with a free gift which I love. Such a convenient pharmacy and I will recommend to my friends and family. Thanks again. -Anonymous via Fax

To Elisa We just wanted to thank you again. We don’t know what we would have done without you. We are grateful for your help and hope you know what a great job you’re doing in serving our community. John & Arlene

To our dear friends at Rx Plus, It’s not often you find people who truly care! Everyone at Rx Plus always made sure mom’s prescriptions were always taken care of!! A particular thank you to Elisa and David! You guys are the best!! A warm and friendly smile makes a difference!! Sincerely, L, Galarda

Dear Dr. Tracey, First of all I would like to thank you for taking the time out to speak with me over the phone on Friday evening about the new medication my son would be taking. Although I had already read about the medication, you really put my mind at ease. I thank you for sharing your personal experience with me. Both he and I had come to the point where we didn’t think that anything would be able to help him. Once, the severe acne started, he lost his confidence. So I am very thankful to you for your expressions of success in the medication. We received, by hand delivery, the medication yesterday. Thank you soooo much! Although yesterday was the first day he took the medication, he and I are very hopeful it will be helpful. Also, it was very thoughtful of you to include the gift. Thank you. May god continue to bless you and your staff for the good work that you provide and for all the words of encouragement. Forever Grateful, Verleatha H.

Dear Monica, thank you so much for brightening my day (and treatment) with such a cheerful package containing my prescribed meds. I felt like Vinny was delivering a gift rather than Rx. Thank you for everything! Take care, Ms. Brenda

“If there were 10 stars I give them all. RX Plus is a game changer, I am most pleasantly surprised, dare I admit? Yes, impressed beyond. I was told by my pharmacy my insurance didn't cover my dermatology medication and it would cost me $150 out of pocket. l called my Dermatologist, Dr. Sharon Watkins, (also wonderful,) asking for another over the counter suggestion. She called RX Plus then me to say they can help. Andrew helped me get exactly what I needed and then some for a co-pay of only $10! The script was personally delivered to my house in less than a week including holiday in a lovely gift bag and extra nice goodies! Here is where the ordinary is extraordinary, they do what most businesses can do but don't. Common sense plus: Deliver as promised, treat people as they feel your appreciation for their business and give a little extra unexpected token or go the extra mile. The best form of advertisement is referral and obviously I am not the only one who is blown away by their service model as the other reviews are just as pleased. I wish I could get all my scripts from RX Plus. I called say thank you and express how much I was grateful for this over the top service and had the opportunity to speak with Elisa, the Director, creator and teacher of RX Plus Pharmacy. Wow, she has created the best pharmacy I've ever been to or heard of, Bravo! Thank you, Kaye”